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From developer tools to business enterprise solutions, 360 Core Inc is building Ethereum blockchain infrastructure and applications for brand new economic systems which are more open, efficient, and secure.

360 Core Inc is a leading IT Service & consulting company known for its innovative and robust digital solutions. We help you evolve your business into a profitable venture by using the unrivaled experience of our highly qualified product development team. Our huge pool of skilled professionals for Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more help you expand your web and mobile app development customer base.


We aim at transforming the digital experience of our customers into cost effective, functional, user-centric and innovative technical solutions. 360 Core Inc recognizes and adapts quickly to the changing digital landscape thereby empowering clients to uplift their presence in the market.


We envision becoming a global leader in outsourcing and offshoring technological solutions. Our eye into the details, quality assurance and meticulous selection of talent will help businesses to evolve into profitable assets.

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Mary Ross

Our Creative Team

Jason Hardeman

Jason Hardeman

Creative director

Amanda Bryan

Amanda Bryan

Ui/UX designer

Henry Matthews

Henry Matthews

Project manager

Alyse Quintero

Alyse Quintero

Front-end developer

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